Music Practise files

General sites for help with learning voice parts

Here are some websites that you might find useful, but not all of the pieces in our Summer Tour/Autumn Concert programme will be found:
  • We have had very good reviews from choir members of SINGLE
    • The parts  are sung by  professional singers and are supported by a complete performance recording in the background, so you really get a feel for how you part fits into the whole performance. It also plays tricky bits like the Sanctus and the Libera Me slowly which is very helpful.
    • It can be down loaded in MP3 format or CD sent in the post for $21 US around £14. Perfect for people you have maybe fallen a bit behind or simply want to bring things to life rather than listen to a bassoon or pipes doing the part!
  • Cyberbass midi files of voice parts for various major works can be found here
  • Learn Choral Music midi files can be found here
  • You can also order CDs to listen to in the car from CHORALINE –
    • These are also produced electronically and work much the same as partability, but we believe, do not isolate the particular voice in the same way.
    • Prices range from £8.99 to £11.99 Bulk discounts are very small.
    • we have a special 10% discount for all purchases of Vocal Scores, ChoraLine Rehearsal recordings and Performance CDs when ordered via their  website  or over the phone on 0845 304 5070.  To get the discount you’ll need to  quote our special Discount Code which can be obtained from Ruth
  • CDs for each voice part can also be ordered from
    • These are very good as your part is louder in your right ear. They are produced electonically so the instruments are not authentic, but it is a great way to learn all the right notes in all the right places!
    • Prices at present range from £5.99 to £9.99 (£1 per CD on orders over 10 CDs) initial price depends on the complexity of the work.  John Hinsley will  discount for bulk orders on these too.
  • Saffron Choral will send more copies for less per copy, if several people get together.  Please email Rachel Boxall if you’d like to be included in a group request.  This is done by “Quintus Benziger”, he sings the parts and plays piano. They are really useful for getting all the words in the correct rhythm. He will reduce the price thus:- Prices as at January 2016 (including UK p&p)
    • A single recording of one voice-part of one work £7.50 each
    • 2-5 copies of the same voice-part ordered together £5.50 each
    • 6-9 copies of the same voice-part ordered together £4.50 each
    • 10 or more of any voice-parts ordered together £4.50 each
      (Note this is the cheapest option as he will do any voice-parts here)